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After years of developing highly successful recipes and food products for major retailers, I realized no matter how delicious the recipe, it is not going to be at its peak flavor and freshness if mass produced in a large facility, shipped to stores, and sold to customers days after production. We make our salad dressings to order and prep meals the day of delivery, ensuring freshness and flavor at its peak. GreenTwist was born out of the desire to bring you the foods I’ve been making for my loved ones; made with love, care, and thought.


We don’t believe in fad diets and strict regimes, we believe in healthy, nutrient rich, well balanced meals composed mostly of plant based ingredients. I’ve grown up enjoying delicious, highly flavored dishes with the emphasis on vegetables, fruits, herbs, and spices! Animal protein may be there, but it is not the star. These foods are loaded with the nutrients we need to sustain a healthy and happy life!

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“Fresh, flavorful and delicious salad dressings delivered to my door… now that I’ve tried it, can’t live without it!”

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“I now can stock up on mouthwatering, guilt free meals, I crave all the time.”

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"As a busy mother of two, I'm so grateful to have delicious, fresh, healthy food on our table in minutes. Thank you!"


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